Thank you for voting La Tolteca the best Mexican cuisine of 2019. When Ben E. Arriettta opened La Tolteca in 1948 it was to manufacture corn tortillas these were sold to local stores, restaurants and school districts. Our Mexican deli featured recipes that have been in the Arrietta family for generations. In 1965 Ben built a new building at 321 N. Azusa Ave which was to be the home for the tortilla factory and small sit-down area for dinning. In 1981 the Arrietta family was persuaded to open a dining room to meet the demands of customers for a place to sit down and enjoy their meal. It was a huge success, and we have been growing ever since. Today our new home as of 2008 at 429 N. Azusa Ave. Tim, Ben D. Arrietta, and the 3rd generation sons carry on the family tradition offering diners the finest quality Mexican food, served with the upmost in freshness and consistency. All of the menu items are prepared daily and served in generous portions. No selection is complete without corn tortilla chips and salsa, both made from age old family recipe. Today we still manufacture our corn tortillas and masa for tamales from fresh stone ground corn. We buy grade A whole white, and yellow kernel corn from one of the finest grain companies in the United States. We cook then stone grind the corn to a fine dough to make the finest purest 100% natural corn tortillas and masa. Our masa both regular and prepared is available year around for your tamale making needs at home. During your visit at La Tolteca check out our new cocktail lounge and bar with 6 monitors for your sports viewing pleasure. The spacious lounge and bar can seat comfortably over 40 adults.
Thanks again to our wonderful La Tolteca customers
for over 70 years of business.
The Arrietta family